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RobertBcfc Tuesday, 10/31/2023

I've read a few times on here down the years of people who have attempted to find "the one" amongst a particular casting they liked.  And in doing so, acquired a large number of that car to run against each other to find that elusively standout fast one.

I'm looking to do something similar with a casting no longer on the pegs, but not THAT old - say 2018 tops.

But I want a good number of them, say 30-50 and to really test them out.

Picking them off individually will be time consuming and pricey, anyone know of anywhere that may have a high volume of relatively recent castings that could be bulk bought?


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johnson9195 11/9/23

Any particular castings that you are looking for? I have a bunch from the past 4-5 years. 

  • Hi, thanks for coming back. That’s the thing, I’m looking for them boxed, in particular anything Star Wars themed — RobertBcfc

I went to a thrift store and they were selling them ten in a bag for $1.50. I got two or three decent ones per bag. 

  • That’s probably going to be my best bet I think. Ideally was looking for a website (I’m in England) that maybe ended up with a whole bunch of stuff recently removed from stores — RobertBcfc
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