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Chaos Canyon Outlaws driver call

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dr_dodge 3/12/23

I loved the 1/2 time show, so...

is an additional transporter truck for the racing team acceptable?

  • Yes. If you want to send vehicles for backgrounds etc we will try to fit them in somewhere but no guarantees — Chaos_Canyon
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Sneaky_Bob 3/12/23

Sneaky Bob would like a shot, but looks like I might be late to the party.

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Old_Sarge 3/12/23

If you still got space I would love an audition, got two that may be worthy

I would like to enter if there is still room please.. 

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Playz 3/12/23

I might use this to launch my international racing career 

Ill pm you for address soon


is Ford XB Hardtop acceptable? Aussie / Kiwi muscle 

  • That casting would also be considered but the ones I have don’t tend to run well in the track. Not sure why but you’re welcome to try. — Chaos_Canyon
  • Yer I just had closer look and the front wheels are super narrow, rear ones aren’t much wider — Playz
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Lord_Pruitt 3/12/23

Lord Pruitt with Delta Racing Enterprises is signing up to try the Outlaws

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Spirit_Of_64 3/12/23

What the hey, I'll send something in!  Can we still use the stock paint as a jump-off point a la Baroness or Healthy Scratch?

  • Yes, as long as it gets beat up/rat Rod treatment. Nancy Wilson used the stock paint with the decals half rubbed off and some additional rust and it looked great — Chaos_Canyon
  • Perfect! The car I want to use has one neat tampo on the roof that I'll rough up a bit while I rat out the rest. Thanks! — Spirit_Of_64
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Nachohotep 3/13/23

Any spots left? I wanna be an outlaw

  • We haven’t set any spots for this one. First in first raced by season. If you don’t make season 1, we’ll try to get you in season 2 etc — Chaos_Canyon
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CraigsterSr 3/14/23

'Outlaw' is my middle name... 'Craigster Sr.' - Hot Nuts Diecast... IN

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Touko 3/14/23

I got an old 2000-something casting of a 1974 Dodge Charger. My question regarding this casting is in regards to the tint. The thing about the casting is that it's more like a "promotional cereal-box prize" casting in that it lacks any sort of interior detail. This means that the windows are tinted so dark that they appear to be painted black. However, if you shine through it with a flashlight it does allow light through. So would this casting be legal in the outlaws tournament with a nearly opaque stock window?

Below is the WIP photos of the body and windshield with a lamp behind it to show its transparency. 

  • Can you post or message me a picture? — Chaos_Canyon
  • Ok, we'll let that pass as that's what came with it — Chaos_Canyon
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dr_dodge 3/14/23

cutting sunroof / t tops out acceptable?


  • Yes, but like a convertible it must have a driver in it in that case — Chaos_Canyon
  • thats why I like to cut them out, so you can see the girls — dr_dodge

I'm gonna try to get in on this, but my luck is absolute crap right now. 

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