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Chaos Canyon Outlaws driver call

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Kingjester 3/14/23

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GrumpyCloud 3/15/23

"weight must not be visible" as in...if you look at the car from the outside, the weight is not obvious...or does it mean we have to keep the original interior, so if you look in the window from an elevated angle you see a steering wheel and seats, not tiny little weights painted black?

  • Preferably still see the dash and top of the seats, so it doesn't look like the interior has been stripped out completely. You should hopefully be able to fit that inside easily enough with the limit at 50g — Chaos_Canyon
  • Makes sense. Thanks. — GrumpyCloud
  • I don’t see anything in the rules requiring the interior to remain intact so mine doesn’t have one — BlueLineRacing
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ShannonBR 3/15/23

Down Squad Racing would like to enter please.

Cool if I jump in to replace "Reaper"?

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WillyMaykit 3/16/23

Count me in! Commencing barn find build!

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John637 3/17/23

I'm in brother sending my 2 or 3 cars to qualify ill send the names in the package I send the cars in ...thank you for doing the Canyon it's given me fun.. love it bro!!!..

I have finished mt 2 builds. Has a shipping address been released yet? And if so where can I find it 

  • Message us for the details, as per the rules — Chaos_Canyon
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Spirit_Of_64 3/21/23

One of my candidates had brightly colored wheels originally, but I Sharpied them black.  Would this pass?

  • As long as the tyres are black, I'm ok with it. — Chaos_Canyon
  • Sweet, thanks! — Spirit_Of_64
  • does the sharpie color stay well? I have tried using them on unpainted figures and it bled back to the original plastic color, but maybe the wheels take the color better — dr_dodge
  • Yeah I've done a couple of cars and even the brightly colored wheels take the ink well. — Spirit_Of_64
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Nayfan 3/23/23

Would love to race in the Outlaws!
Hopefully i'm not too late

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RaSungod 3/23/23

Question about rule 6. One car I'm submitting is based on a real car with colored rims. Would that be ok?

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Spirit_Of_64 3/24/23

Once the E6000 cures, Shipwreck and Palomino will begin their journey to Echo City!

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RaSungod 3/24/23

So I found a tuned up PPG pace car Mustang to bring, and then the wife wanted to race too after we'd already gotten to out stop in Australia. So I had to... procure a local muscle car to match mine. Now we're head to Zland to become outlaws!

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