Has anyone tried AliExpress axle tube kits?

redlinederby Thursday, 9/14/2023
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FredD dropped a link to an axle tube pack on AliExpress and just wondering if anyone has purchased it (or anything similar), used it, and could just comment a quick review of them? Are they any good for racing mods?

I'm assuming the intent of the kits is for non-racing customs and models but that doesn't mean they can't work for racing. I mean, assuming they come straight, a tube is a tube and an axle is an axle...it should work just like any other.

And given you get 10 pairs for about $5, that's a pretty good deal and could save a lot of time/effort dealing with donors and cutting tubes yourself. 

Based on the listing, you can even choose the axle tube width you need, which is doubly handy since they're probably common body widths.

Please share thoughts and experiences with such a product...could be a great resource.


I have some on order... If no one else chimes in, I will report back when I get them!


F'D Racing

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dr_dodge 9/14/23

0.8 MM = 0.0314961"

They may be a little snugg, but thats less wobble, in theory
as long as the axle it not something soft like brass,

(I bought some nickel plated pins that were listed as steel, but they were brass, and tended to bend with use, but at least they bent back easy...lol)

keep us posted


  • yur right... everything isnt always as they say, but at less than a buck, I was willing to take the chance! Even if they don't work out for racing, just for modding might be good. — Stoopid_Fish_Racing

Just got some from ModMyride on Fleabay. These look stainless, will polish a couple tomorow and send pics. Only 3 lengths available and their axle spacers look interesting too.

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dr_dodge 9/15/23

If the axles are excellent, it may be worth it but, but, the tubing can be bought for $1 per ft
if the axles are just cut off pins, I'll just leep making my own

and quick tip, if you want to cut a bunch of short tubes

leave all 4 tubes in the package, and cut that way, package and all

you can cut a pretty good short stack quickly


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johnson9195 9/15/23

I have some from Monoblock. They work pretty well for custom cars. The pins are a much smaller diameter than the stock axles. I glued 1 pin into 1 end, let it dry, then slid the tires on, making sure that the tires were in the correct orientation. I slid the tires to one side then glued in the second pin.

For racers they would violate the stock axles rule, so I haven't put them on any racers yet.

If you get the longer axles, they could be cut down to whichever width that you need.

  • Good to know about the diameter of the axles. — redlinederby
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