MagTrack Toy Car Racing System by 3DBotMaker

3DBotMaker Friday, 5/3/2019

Updates about MagTrack

As of 11/2019, the MagTrack system is available as an open source project where anyone can download and 3D print the part necessary to make your own MagTrack layout. Please visit to learn more about the Open Track Project.

Introducing MagTrack a new toy car racing system by 3DBotMaker. What started out as a permanent setup track with screws and mounting brackets became something completely new after I handed it over to my kids. They were having fun until the track separated and I realized there was no way my youngest boy was going to be able to set it back up. So I decided to make a track system that even a 4 year old could set up in seconds.

MagTrack throws connector tabs completely out the window using strong neodymium magnets to hold everything together. Tracks can be set up, taken down, and reconfigured in seconds. There’s no need for tape or screws to keep things from sliding apart.

By far the most difficult part to design was the turn. I went through 5 or 6 prototypes before I arrived at the MagTrack 180. It’s a more compact design taking up less room than the sizzler fat track turn. The magnetic connection allows it to be set up and reconfigured in seconds.

In addition to wide open racing, a lane divider can be added to the middle of the track creating 2 separate lanes. The track segments are 18” long. The start gate is 9” long, allowing up to 9 cars to fit. (Of course you can always add more track onto the back) There’s also a finish line lane merger.


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WorpeX 5/3/19

This is so damn cool. Mattel has never bothered to create any sort of track system that actually worked and was simple. This looks like the perfect solution! You've been making awesome products for a few years now and I couldn't be happier with the stuff i've gotten from you so far!

I agree with WorpeX, your products are second to none and always impress me. Wish you had more stock available for purchase, I check your store every day for products but are usually not in stock. But congrats on the success of seeing your dream threw! 

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Rusty 5/8/19

This is one of the coolest ideas I've seen.This should be big with the down hill racers,but also with the slizzlers guys.Great job!!! Will this be for sale.Every time we go to your site several items of interest to us are not shown for sale......

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RobertBcfc 5/29/19

This looks amazing - sign me up for sure!

I’m in the same boat as others checking in with Etsy a few times a day to see what’s new.

I can imagine keeping up with demand whilst keeping real life ticking over can be a challenge, but I would very much be looking to stake a claim for this one!

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redlinederby 5/29/19
Site manager

WOW. A full track system, that's a big jump from finish lines and such. The modularity looks awesome and the magnet locks make it super easy. You must have upgraded your 3D printers, and they must be running 24/7...time to outsource ;P

Best of luck on sales. Your continuous contributions to diecast racing are second to none. Your brand's in a good spot (and has been). Just don't forget about the start/finish/timer bundle idea, that'll sell well too.

  • I've been patiently waiting for this exact thing to become available.... — WorpeX
  • Same. — ninosdedouglas

I want to use MagTrack! I would love to race cars, commentate, and record it all. Sign me up for MagTrack. Your prouducts are amazing. I look on your thing every day but I don’t know how to buy stuff on it. I really want MagTrack sooo bad! 

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redlinederby 9/14/19
Site manager

3DBM sells all his products through Etsy, so check there to see what's available and to purchase.

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KPS_Kustomz 10/10/20

Mind I know why you guys just laughed when I asked if y'all would help my crew and I here at KPS Kustomz and Dioramaz, build our track!!! Our plan is coming together and the multiple platforms for our track build are in the works...all we really need are the track pieces themselves and of course the start gate! We have a plan for the finish line!

Do you guys have a price guide? 

  • He no longer sells them — SavageSpeeder
  • Look at Slanman Customs and JLH Krafts. Those are two major providers of Magtrack connectors and other accessories. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Oh okay...thank you guys for the heads up! — KPS_Kustomz