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I know it's late and I apologize but my Porsche build had a problem and I'm out of time to get another one done since I leave for vacation Monday. I'm not sure if someone on the waiting list has a car ready but please offer them the opportunity to send one in 

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RAGTAG_JIM 7/11/21


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Numbskull 7/12/21

I have a 959 half finished.  I can get it in the mail by 7-15-21 if you like.

It may not be fast, but it will look fast.

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Dadvball 7/12/21

Mine is due to arrive Friday. 

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redlinederby 7/13/21
Site manager

There are a handful of slots open for this race as a few folks have dropped out recently. If you were interested in the race, or are just looking for another race, you're welcome to join.

I'm extending the deadline a week to 7/25 since a lot of the drops happened just this week.

I know it's still short notice, but if you can throw together something quick and get in the mail in the mail by next weekend, it'll get here and it'll race it. This could be the last RLD mail-in for a while, so hope to see you and your car on the track. Good luck!

  • I can make an extension but maybe I’m out now? I don’t know — BlueLineRacing
  • Never mind. Let someone else have a shot — BlueLineRacing
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Mattman213 7/13/21

Much like the BoogyMan 308, this classic MBX 928 has been a NIGHTMARE of a build but...also like the 308, hard work seems to have paid off and it now makes some half decent passes in testing.  She isnt as nice as I woulda liked but I got the bare essentials done to get it in the mail today (just saw the extension but its already outta here so no worries).  As always I appreciate you hosting RLD and cant wait to see how this one goes!

Good luck everyone.


  • You're not foolin' anyone, Matt. You know that thing is a screamer!...Lol — GhostDriver
  • I woulda been foolin everyone expecting a screamer had I sent it in as it was. Its much better than it was and I am hopeful now that its up to par! — Mattman213
  • We’re all pretty sure it’s gonna be fast — BlueLineRacing
  • Yeah I'm looking forward to seeing some "decent passes" from that build... *wink wink — GhostDriver
  • IF the extra work pays off like it did on the BoogyMan itll be just fine. If not...itll be a lesson in KISS and Ill likely go back to doing just that!!! — Mattman213

We have been knee-deep in the DIRS over here so I'm glad to see the extension to get our entry sent in. The Porche is part of our brand so this is very important to us and we will no doubt get that car in on time. It's been in the works and we're looking forward to this!

Ca$h Money in!!

Achte auf Teufel Hunden!

  • So I had to put that into a translator. I got "Watch out for Devil Dogs"... — GhostDriver
  • Correctomundo! Now try Semper Fidelis!! Lol — CaShMoneyBoyS
  • Well if anyone knows Marines they know that one...Lol — GhostDriver
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Mayfield41 7/15/21

Mine should be there any day, mailed last Saturday 

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Mayfield41 7/21/21

Did mine arrive, 

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redlinederby 7/22/21
Site manager

I'll be doing the final pick-up probably Saturday or Monday to get all the cars that have yet to arrive. If your tracking says it arrived, I trust it and it's waiting for me. I'll update the roster and do a final poke to see if any cars are still in-transit at that point.

Once all the cars are here and run through a quick check, I'll do my best to get the racing done soon. Personally, I'd like to get the Porsche racing done before the Pro-Am cars come back to me so I'm not making a traffic jam for myself. 

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redlinederby 7/24/21
Site manager

Did a pick-up today and will do one more on Monday. Roster has been updated on the front page.

I'll start organizing things come Monday and hopefully start racing next week. Look for a showcase soon-ish and racing videos next month.

  • Right on!! Thanks or the heads up — GoldenOwl
  • Awesome ! an can you please confirm that you have received my paypal for the return shipping, thank. — RoadrageRacing

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