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Race Numbers

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Beaverworx 2/24/23

Im starting to use #99 for Beaverworx entries because we are based in a town name Brantford Ontario! Guess who is from!

Kind of late to the party, I just realized there's stuff going on apart from "find a race" :P

Zero, because of the Smashing Pumpkins which is a big part of my life. The first U_U driver was named Blank, according to one of my favorite songs from SP that's on the Aeroplane Flies High vinyl box. So since it's name came from SP, I thought Zero would have been the perfect number to fit.

I was forced to choose another number once (YDS) and both 0 and 99 were used, so I mindless chose 98. I printed some decals with that number and used it as an alt a few times (Yds, Stock Car Nation)

I also had to build a pair of matching 911s for the Porsche Pull-up at Mini Mafia Motors, so I decided to cut some remaining 98 decals in half to get some 8 and 9 numbers :)

Lately, Neon City claimed number zero for IDRL, I've left it for them to use and went with #9 instead for this time. So 9 is an official alt too for U_U, and might use #8 again too if needed

So, to make it short, preference order is 0, 9, 8, 98

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Rabid_Badger 2/24/23

31 is typically the number I go with. If it's not available, then 39 it is.

3 has been my favorite number since I was a kid. I don't choose 3 as my racing number for several reasons.

1.) Everyone assumes that I am a Dale Earnhardt fan. Um, no.

2.) The number is almost always taken.

3.) In my career as an art director, typography has had a big influence on me. I like the way a number with curves such as "3" looks next to a number with straight lines like "1" or "4". (Yes, I know the 9 in 39 doesn't go along with this. LOL!)

  • That's why I like 27, in certain font faces both individual numbers have both a curve and a straight line :) — G_ForceRacing
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MrDarq 3/2/23

I normally use 13 and 03 when possible :)

13 has been my lucky number since I was a kid, my granddaughter was even born on Friday the 13th my favorite day :)

My Son, Snake, is 7 for Snow Valley Racers

My main number 72, is the year I was born, I know, I am old. The other 2 I use is 50, my wife's father was a race car drive and that was his team number. 97 for the year my sone was born.

  • Man, if being born in '72 makes you old, being born in '70 makes me... Older, I guess. lol — FeralPatrick

I like 6.  When I was six years old the number 6 was seemingly everywhere; my age, class room number, Cub Scout den, first dirt bike...I've just stuck with it. Alternate would be 41.  I ran 41 in autocross car for a few years because it was available easy to cut out of a magnet sheet.  And I liked Jimmy Spencer who was in the Target Dodge in those days.

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