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Re-STOCK-ing the Shelves (Charity Race)

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What's the hold up? Race was in Feb.

  • As posted on the DRR facebook page, we had lost some files. We are still missing one camera's worth, but will be back on schedule of releasing videos on Thursdays this week. Just with limited video, unfortunately. — GenX_VintageRacing

Hope the Pro Am doesn't take 3 months to run because I need to get it done by July.

Here's the newest episode: Groups D & E.  We weren't able to recover all the files for group D.  You'll see an explanation graphic at the time it happens.  Sorry for the delay.  We're glad we were able to get most of the files back and the racing visible.  Enjoy!

Last video of the Group Stage.  Who will be part of the 16 to make it into the Championship Bracket?

First half of the Bracket Stage.  16 cars remain, and 8 of them compete for two Semi-Finals spots in this video:

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