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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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MrDarq 3/2/23

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Jester65 3/2/23

  • sweet — Numbskull
  • Thanks,it’s gonna my entry for the big wheelie race and this was the first time I did this type of mixing matching with car bodies and chasis and honestly I like the final result — Jester65
  • looks delicious :) — G_ForceRacing
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dr_dodge 3/12/23

the abominable gremlin

hand made turbo manifold and injector

duallies, too

IDRL Entry.

Hairy Man and Fluffy sending Her off to the Races!

Todays find, LOL at the wheels on the stocker, thats as far as they push in. Transion model with older style nubbed base and modern axle sets with the hump. And a divot you could drive a truck through 

Backup for Bolo Browns Race wars! Shout out to Bolo for letting me know one of my entries was dragging tail.

A few cars for my Oncologist and her Son.

Hey was thinking about your comment so i looked and most of my cars are two tone but a few are one color. 8 out of 55 modded.

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Jester65 3/14/23

The Toxic Vindicator will be heading out to the outlaws and give a taste of raw V8

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BadWoolRacing Yesterday

This is my entry into GTR's 'Are You Truckin' 2?' In hindsight I could've painted the rims of the Unimog wheels I mounted in the bed but I'm in the field for work now, away from home for the next 4 weeks so there is nothing more I can do with this one.

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G_ForceRacing Yesterday

Going to the IDRL

Epvideos' "The De Leon" entry.

3dBM KoTH entry...

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