RoadRunner Raceway Fantasy League II (Now Closed))

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021
Hosted by Roadrunner Raceway
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RoadRunnerRacewayFan Wednesday, 12/30/2020

When & Where

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

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Alrighty Guys, Here is the second Fantasy League Video. This Tournament is run in a series of 1vs1 races with the cars competing in 4 different divisions. The most fantasy points you can earn from this Tournament is 19 and the least is 1. All videos will be posted on my youtube channel and on this thread. Drop a comment below for which car you would like. ex: 1969 BMW, Driver: Rodney, Country: PA Usa


Mercy Breaker

Shawn Cook

Indiana, USA

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SpyDude 1/2/21

'67 Chevelle

Aces High Racing
Arizona, USA

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Uncle_Elvis 1/2/21

The Gazelle in A1

Driver: Rowan

Georgia, USA

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EightLegs 1/8/21

13' Ford Mustang

Driver: Vitamin G

Scotland, UK

Alrighty guys if I don't have enough entrances by the 20th then I will reuse entrances from the first tournament. Also feel free to pick a second ride for this tournament. I have a new track on the way so racing will be different. Good luck and thanks for your participation. 

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Sam_Haul 1/13/21

'95 Mazda RX-7

Driver:  Sam Haul

Oregon, USA

I'll grab the El Camino as well.

Driver: Shawn Cook

Indiana, USA

The first tournament just ended and here are the finals. Still welcoming entrants for the second tournament

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