For sale: Stock Racing Starter Kit

BlueLineRacing Thursday, 11/9/2023

I'm making an offer to the new stock racer or even a stock racer that hasn't had luck finding a casting that could compete amongst the best.

I have heavily tested stock cars most of 2023 and I am selling a lot of premium Matchbox castings that have great wheels and we're once the best of my best. The lot is 8 Matchbox AMGs and 4 Matchbox Datsun 280zx. They may have fell out of my elite ranks but they are sure to lead most of the stock ranks out there. Included is a photo of the 12 cars. They were all worked with the BlueLine treatment, they all have great wheels and they all lay down excellent times. If you buy loose cars you might as well buy proven speed cars like these. 12 cars, price is $110 shipped anywhere in the US. Become instantly competitive. DM me if interested.


Less than $10 US each delivered, for a proven runner, what a bargain way to kick off!

Someone is going to get lucky!

Even if you can't afford it, go halves or quarters with some mates!

Cheers all, good luck out there!

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redlinederby 11/9/23
Site manager

Those cars will not disappoint. Proven winners and more so if they got a little BLR love.

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FredD 11/10/23

I'd love one... I'd use it as my test car when I put up my test track to set a fast time to compare my builds with... but not interested in sending in someone elses work as an entry to a contest. These are a bunch of great looking cars to be sure!


  • Great idea - they'd be great for comparison testing — Fat_Dad
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BlueLineRacing 11/11/23

Sold, thank you

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