Redline Derby NewsWanted: RLD Social Media Manager, is that you?

Did you know Redline Derby has a Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram feed? Maybe...but you wouldn't know it by how often they're updated.

Despite my honest efforts, keeping up with social media just isn't my bag. Partly because I need that time to work on other aspects of the site, but also because I'm not a big social media user in the first place. Facebook and the likes can be big drivers to get new people involved with RLD, so tapping those opportunities is a benefit to everyone involved. But I need help...the site needs help... 

I'm looking for someone to be the official Social Media Manager for Redline Derby Racing.

This person would have much of the following:

  • Know how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Be an active member on the RLD web site
  • Regularly visits other diecast web sites, racing and otherwise
  • Post links/photos to social media accounts from RLD web site and other sites
  • Be the primary contact for messages coming through social media
  • Be able to tend to duties at least twice a week

In short, using social media to promote RLD and the diecast hobby at large. Once the role is filled we can work out details and other strategies. You'll have access to accounts and tools to help make things easier.

Also worth noting that I wouldn't expect you to stop posting on your own social media accounts or anything like that. And I don't want this to be a major time suck for anyone. Post a few links and photos, keep tabs on things and call it a day.

If you're interested, please post or PM and I'll be touch.