Web site maintenance this month

redlinederby Wednesday, 1/2/2019
Site manager

I got some notices from my web host that I have to update some infrastructure stuff for the web site or else risk losing data (and incurring extra costs). 

I have until February to get things done and while this is usually somewhat simple stuff to manage, I've learned to never assume :)

So you might visit one evening soon and find the site offline or broken...just a heads up. However, please don't assume I am aware of such instances. Please send email to brian[at]redlinederby.com if you see anything that appears busted or not working correctly. I'd rather be over-notified than not at all.

I'll be backing up all data so if it all goes to shit we won't have to start from scratch...but I highly doubt it'll get to that scenario.

Anyhoo...just a friendly heads-up. 

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