Hill Country Highway

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About this track

The Hill Country Highway was inspired by the natural landcape surrounding the Austin, Texas suburb where LYDC is based: Dripping Springs "The Gateway to the Texas Hill Country." This track is built with Crash Racers Adventure Force for the majority of the course and a segment of Mattel Fat Track as the home stretch providing a larger landing area for the 2nd jump and finish line. This track will be used as the main feature of our weekly "Saturday Night Drive" presentation that focuses on interesting 2-4 car matchup's with the best of 3 rounds earning the win. The start gate was made by JLH Krafts (awesome company) and every measurement of this track was conceived and designed in conjunction with two old friends who are conveniently brilliant NASA engineers. The result yields a performance from (most) cars that is fast, efficient and very realistic even with a 60' 1:64 scale bridge jump. We are so proud of this track and hope you enjoy it!