The Midnight Special

Total length
Road course



The Midnight Special is the first track developed by SuperChargerRacing. It consists of 4 corners, two battery powered super chargers, and one crossover. Originally designed in 2020, the prototype sat dormant for two years as the other aspects of the track were ironed out. Testing included a single lane oval and attempts at double lane funneled to the chargers. The key to the final design was incorporating a crossover to replicate fan favorite figure 8 racing.

The name comes from the typical time a race is live streamed. Most races start at 10PM eastern and go past midnight. It's also a nod to the CCR song of the same name.

The idea for this track (and SuperChargerRacing as a whole) was to expand upon a few interests and ideas. The keys parts being:

  1. Create a track that doesn't require a moving camera to operate
  2. Create something unique to add to the ever expanding diecast racing space
  3. Expand on using online tools to simply some of the racing process

It's not perfect but the result is something special and unique. The track poses challenges to many cars and always produces plenty of suprises.