1/64 Scale US Nationals...this Sept

72_Chevy_C10 Saturday, 4/8/2017
Event coordinator

I 've been tossing this idea around for a while, and I think it will be pretty cool. Lately, I've just been too busy...with work and with various full-scale projects...to run and organize an event a month like I used too. But, I still do like running races...I mean, they really are fun to do! So, here's my plan...

In full scale drag racing history, the March Meet in California and the US Nationals in Indy have always been THE races to win. One at the start of the season, one at the end. And, with 1/64 gravity racing seeming to get more and more popular, I thought it would be cool to host a 'Must Win' event...having classes to make everyone happy. 

I'm not 'fornally' writing up this as a race thread...but, this race will be happening. I just want to give you a 'heads up' that it is coming. I'll do the official write after the Pony Wars race. So, here are the classes that will  be run at the 1/64 US Nationals...

Rip-n-Race Stock - exactly what it sounds like...open to all cars, except cars that are 'Ringers' (there is a class for them)...So, no Way2Fast, no funny cars, no BWF '69 Camaros, no Cadillac 16's. This is a 'beginner's race...pick cars that you like and send them in, un-opened, to race.

Ringer Stock - 60 gram weight limit, opened Stock cars...This is the race if you think you have a fast Stock car...no drilled rivets. The race will be open to any type of car that is under the weight limit.

FTE Modified - 57 gram limit, must be drilled rivet, must be US production-type car (any era), fte wheels are allowed, the wheels may not have any type of insert and must run stock style axles (nickel coated axles allowed) 3.125" long max (I will come up with a minimum height requirement for this class)

Unlimited Mod - 75 gram limit, must be drilled rivet. Must based off a production 1/64 scale car (I don't want a chunk of lead with bearings on it). No limits on body type, 3.5" max length (no buses), no minimum height...no wheel restrictions! Bearings, inserts, whatever you want

I'd like everyone to spread the word about this one...reach out to past racers and welcome in new racers. I'm planning on offering trophies to the winners.

Please let me know what you think! Thanks Guys!


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LeagueofSpeed 4/8/17
Event coordinator

Sounds like a lot of fun...The League of Speed is in, I will watch for your race date and plan the inaugural race on Bootleg Run accordingly not to overlap The Nationals.....looks like two great races in September...I'm stoked!!!   

  • Cool...the plan is for it to be around Labor Day. I'll nail down the date when I write it up. Let me know what you are planning — 72_Chevy_C10
  • I'm going to build it over the summer...building Tobacco Road now for a May race, so you have first dibs on the Sept calender — LeagueofSpeed
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FOTF 4/8/17

You know, I actually had a similar idea recently--though yours is better in a way because it's open to more people. (Mine was going to basically be one huge race of any/all stock cars; it might still happen--I'll keep you guys posted if it does.) I like this idea, and would definitely want in on at least one of the classes (and I'll bet you can guess which one)! A few questions/ideas:

-Will this be run on the track you've been using lately? The gently-sloping Dragtracks setup?

-Will there be a limit to how many cars any one person could enter?

-Will there be an entry fee?

-Will there be just a first-place prize, or prizes for second and third as well (for instance, silver and bronze medals rather than gold-colored trophies)? If you go the route of medals for second and third, let me know and I'll sponsor the cost of those medals for a couple of the classes (only one class if they're really expensive medals or if you use actual, small-to-moderate trophies for second and third place).

-I might also suggest checking cars for unwanted substances. I have experience doing this if you want any direction or advice on effective methods.

Thanks for coming up with this! Definitely looking forward to it!

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72_Chevy_C10 4/8/17
Event coordinator


To answer your questions...

Yes, it would be on my track...the Drag track setup

With the stocks, I'd put a limit on the number of entries...maybe 3-4

No entry fees...just include return shipping to get your cars back

I think it would be fun...something for everybody...spread the word :)

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redlinederby 4/8/17
Site manager

Once you get the details nailed down, we can promote the hell out of this. Just make sure to slap "Redline Derby Racing" on the front of everything :) Since it's not until Fall, we can do a lot of lead up. Given the spread of classes, we can do some write-ups on various castings, history, etc...would be good stuff to read and get people invested.

I can host some too if you're needing extra tracks. Now that my finish line is repaired, I'm ready to race.

I'll reach into the RLD coffers for prizes or whatever. Medals are a great idea, kinda like it better than trophies. 

So a question on the stock car class, you said no funny cars. Would the drag beetle be considered a funny car?


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KandORacing 4/19/17

Can't we raise the weight limit of the modifieds?

  • You'Re always wanting those 100 gram races, aren't you? :) — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Yes sir, I enjoy fat cars :) — KandORacing
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FOTF 8/9/17

Have any more details for this race been worked out?

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LeagueofSpeed 8/9/17
Event coordinator

C10 has not been around much since post Pony Wars 2 back in late April....I believe a little in early May but not since then...I do recall he had a rebuild project on a Ford F 100. So, get your Hot Rods ready!!!!

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