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Hi Guys,

I was messing around with potential cars for the upcoming 'Sedan Shootout' race, and I realized that I was working on one of my favorite castings...again...the Hot Wheels '57 Chevy! This car, I believe, originally came out in 1976...I was 9...and I thought it was AWESOME! It was my fastest car for a while, and I've had a bunch of them through the years...both fast and slow...but, it still remains one of my favorite castings!

Now, there are lots of races in the near future, but, I thought that this might be a fun one to do sometime in 2015...let's have a race where everyone enters there own, personal favorites! I'm not asking you to hack up your favorite car...but, thanks to eBay, there are lots of them out there.

My personal favorites, other than the 57, are Roger Dodger (I had a purple one with flames), Second Wind (I was a huge Speed Racer fan, and, let's face it, Second Wind is basically the Mach 5) and the Larry's Towing Wrecker (because, even as a kid, I loved Chevy pick-ups!)

Maybe run the race as a Middle weight race...57 grams...fte wheels, dry lube, standard sizes...and the theme is just that the cars you enter were you favorites when you were a kid!

I'm just throwing ideas around...let me know what you think!


A-OK, '34 coupe, Way 2 Win, er... Fast....
32 Ford, 68 Firebird, some type of Corvette, or Ferrari

Sounds like a plan!  I didn't play with hot wheels as a kid. I was more into model cars. I didn't start collecting until late 2000.  One of my favorites though is the Twin Mill. Gotta think about two more. Maybe this will be a 3 entry race?

Chris, I have a collection of 57's myself. About 30 or so. I'll have to take a pic and post them. Not bad for a Ford guy, huh?

Cool, Bill...yeah, the tri-5 Chevys are very cool!
that is bad for a ford guy....
Don't worry Smitty. I have way more Mustangs.
Having Mustangs still might not save you from the darkside. You must resist!!!!
Come to the dark side, Bill....we have cookies! :)
I like cookies too but I'm scared of the of the dark.
ya... devil's food !

This sounds like fun!  I'd probably have to go with a car that was my favorite before I got into serious racing--even though I'm still a kid, I don't know if that would count (besides--not only would Jet Threat probably be disqualified for Redline wheels, I don't know if I want to ship it anywhere anyway).  Probably an Audi R8 for me.  I've loved those things ever since Need for Speed Carbon.

O DELTA.....I think you might have a customer.....ha-ha-ha.

Just stirring the pot a little on this one...and, it's a great day for taking pictures! ;)

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