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Playz 1/7/22

We are racing for points for the 1st Ace High roster

up 1st is group A

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Playz 1/17/22

Hi all, quick update...

I had hoped to have group B and C already out but the delay is down to me and that wonderful bug called covid.

I basically been pretty sick with fever and a sore throat that felt like swallowing razor blades. Been out of it since Tuesday last week. But today is 1st day I've been a bit more mobile still feel like crap but getting better.

I have Group B video done waiting for me to commentate and hopefully I'll be able to in next day or 2.

feel bad with delay but honestly in between sweating and shivering there's not a lot I could do.

so apologies everyone, we'll be back at again soon!


  • I hope get well soon. Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Damn man. Hope you're feeling better. Racing can wait, you gotta get well first — Chaos_Canyon
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Playz 1/30/22

Last group to seed the roster

group D

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Playz 1/30/22

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