AFCR Track Connectors

Kastey Thursday, 12/30/2021

Hi everyone, my name is Jace and my house runs an Etsy shop where we sell Hot Wheel and AFCR compatible accessories. I loved Hot Wheels growing up and now have two small boys where we pick out a car every time we go to the store. They love picking out a car and for $1 each that is worth the joy they get each time we grab one. I got a 3D printer around the same time we started collecting Hot Wheels and started printing items off thingiverse to learn 3D printing.I noticed that they stopped selling the clamps for Hot Wheels track so I taught myself in the CAD software and designed my own. That opened the rabbit hole and we created track connectors, merge tracks and then other accessories.

Earlier this year I received a message from someone who wondered if I could make the merge tracks wider for some Crash Racer set that I never heard of. They sent the dimensions and I made the merge track. I then started getting message after message if I could make more. One customer led me to this site and my eyes were opened on all the track posibilities. I decided to buy the set and designed two merge tracks and some straight connectors. Thats my story and we've loved designing and creating tracks with our boys with all our fun accessories. 

Occasionally I have prints that I can't sell on the shop but still function as they lifted during print. I hate to recycle them as they still work. Would anyone be interested in buying any? I have 7 green and 9 gray. If so I'll list them for $0.40 each on our shop.

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