AliExpress axle kit review

FredD Thursday, 9/28/2023

In one of the other threads I put up a while back I mentioned that I had placed an order for these axle kits from AliExpress. Well, sure enough, a few weeks have passed and they showed up today. I made this semi-quick video to review them so folks can see them and see if they might be something they can use. Hopefully you find it helpful. No link to product is provided, but I do show you a picture of them so you can find them if interested.

Thanks for looking!


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Aliexpress Axle Kit Review


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FredD 9/29/23

I also found that some Maisto cars have a 1mm axle for future reference. I am using one to see if I can fix "wollowed" out wheels...


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redlinederby 9/29/23
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This is great, Fred, thanks for sharing! It's a great look at those things and from the looks of the measurements at least, all the parts should work great for mods...or at least not any worse than making my own tubes and using donor axles.

I think we'll all be interested to see how they perform compared to ones harvested from donors.

  • Thanks Mate... I think it would be worth grabbing a few just to play with if you are at all interested. At the very least you could fix up a few cars that got their stuff taken from that might be lying around? — FredD

Thanks for sharing FredD! I'd like to try these out on some other cars. I'll send you a DM

  • my pleasure mate! — FredD
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FredD 11/10/23

Just an update on these...

I really like these axles... they are super slick with just a little clean up and waxing although they don't need anything for rust prevention as they are stainless steel. The waxing makes them super slick. The only reason I have not used them is because of the poor fit of the provided "nail" or wheel retainer pin. It is just too small. After doing some checking on pin sizes... way too many sewing pins to my way of thinking... I found a suitable upgrade from the provided .53mm pins to a .58 or .59 pin which works perfectly. A nice tight fit... no glueing or crimping needed.

In the picture below on the right is the pack of pins that are .58mm diameter... they are size 12 applique pins, the ones to the left of that are .59mm diameter... they are size 21 extra long satin pins.

My first car to get them that will be entered in a race is this green Pontiac GTO....


  • Should be nice ..... keep us updated. — SpyDude
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