Beaverworx Diecast Racings Igloo Proving Grounds

Beaverworx Wednesday, 3/24/2021

Hi everybody. I think its time to show some pics of the track build. I do not have much of the build on this project. I kind of just started it and it has been slowly growing and evolving into what it is today...

Hear is the gross use of Buck store fomeboard, 1x5 plank, 1x2 slat. The first version was all fome board and then started introducing the the regular track.

Under the start gate. As you can tell I didnt have a clue what I was dooing at this This is a small corner in my basement. I was wingin this from the start, nothing on paper... just started hot glueing fomeboard to the walls to get the dementions!

Anouther shot of the main drop out of the foamboard. All the original track is still under what on

You can see the chicken wire in the background hear. All of the grey area and mountain diorama is pretty much all papermache on chicken wire skeleton

Main drop angle at this point is waaay to much and it just kinnda stayed like that up to this point... this is why my camera work is a bit scetchy at times. These cars are Flyin down this angle

Thats it for now... Ill post new ones as I did them up... Iv lost a large amount of files in a hard drive crash and My mother board is on its way out. Upgrades are currently on the way...

Let me know if you would like to see more..



I am a huge fan of all the tracks at Beaverworx.  I hope there are many more photos!

  • Not many from the early built sadly... I had a large data block I lost in a hard drive crash... — Beaverworx
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