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BlueLine 1960s and 70s American Muscle Showdown

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Like Matt said, sometimes when you screw down too hard you have a point of contact somewhere inside where you can't see. Try when drilling out the rivets to let the drill bit do the work and don't take too much material off the post and don't make the post hole too big. When you take too much off the post or chassis the car sits lower than originally intended and you get rubbing. 

  • I tend to do things heavy-handed, so thank you much for your advice. — Numbskull

Last pick up at the post office is June 10th. I have to get the race finished on June 11th and it will premier Sunday June 13th at 8:00pm Eastern Time. Get your cars in and Good Luck!

it's starting to get busy now

Hello sir I'm shipping my car out today  thank you again for the invite 

If you got all your mail for the day, mine should be there a little later. Its normal, Ive been a lil slower then normal lately....

That was a joke, Get It? I've been slow lately? #TrueStoryBro I'll be happy if I come in 16th Place. LOL

  • You’re car is here! Good Luck — BlueLineRacing
  • Hehe, your joke! Here is mine! My car is already worn out before it got to BLR! It has already travelled over 10,000 miles! Cheers and good luck all! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Great to have both of you. Two of the best — BlueLineRacing
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Sneaky_Bob 6/7/21

Mine should be there today.  I shipped it on Friday priority.

27 of 38 cars have arrived. Thursday is the final day of mail pick up. If you haven't sent your car out by now it's probably too late. I don't want to see anyone waste their money so if you're running late you might want to hold onto it at this point. Some really good looking cars have arrived. Mustangs and Corvettes dominate the field.

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GhostDriver 6/10/21

Anyone else counting down?...Lol

  • Since the day it was posted — Mattman213
  • Exactly! — GhostDriver
  • Starting the races as we speak. They will be up on my YouTube channel Sunday night at 8:30pm Eastern — BlueLineRacing

The race is finished. Just cleaning up with final editing and then we go green Sunday Night at 8:30pm EST.

If you like straight drag racing with some of the fastest cars in the world on the fastest quarter mile track in the world this is for you. No story lines, no commercials, we do all our talking on the track, it's just racing.

Who will be my 400th subscriber? Thanks for watching!

  • "Pure Diehard Diecast Racing" Look forward to the action, cheers for the race! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Yessiiiiir! We're talking raw racing... — GhostDriver

  • I clicked on this thinking it was the carshow! Lol — CaShMoneyBoyS
  • Car show and race all in one video — BlueLineRacing
  • Right on. Another great race over at BlueLine. Some really fast cars for this one. Looks like I take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Better put some time and energy into my shoebox. Get some redemption! — GoldenOwl
  • You’ll get there. That Cadi is still one of the more impressive builds I’ve seen. — BlueLineRacing

Great racing everyone!

  • Great Dodge Charger and an excellent victory over some of the best around. Congrats — BlueLineRacing
  • That was a clutch build. Great win my man! — GhostDriver
  • For sure, was a really wild last couple rounds. Charger held in there and pounced when needed, congrats!!! — Mattman213

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