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BlueLine Middle Weight Modified Tournament

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Voxxer Racing has arrived with these two sleek drag racing beasts.

  • Loved to know where you guys find clear wheels. All I see besides black is white and orange. — CrazyEights

MAC Racing arrived to the show with these two heavy hitters

  • MAC I like the van with those mediums both front and back. Nice choice! — GhostDriver

Rivera Racing bringing the pain!

  • Nice builds, I’ve been wanting to see some hsrw wheels in action — gstackert

Fumo Diecast Racing is here with the Orange and White FC

  • Very nice. I thought about a FC at some point. Can’t wait to see what it does on the track. — GhostDriver

The Ca$h Money Boy$ representing the Lone Star State

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Mattman213 3/23/21

A WILD assortment of castings guys, I'm loving it!  Can't wait to see who's sent some heat for this one.  Plenty of leeway (weight and length wise) in the rules to build some bad bad mods!


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