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Bootleg Run - The Super Cars

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Mattman213 2/12/20

Third place out of the little Yellow Aston!  Considering how the first round treated the rest of my entries, that was a surprise to us for sure.  Luke LOVED the fact that cars could crash at any second making watching the races and watching his reaction super entertaining.  Looking forward to trying the Bootleg out again next time a race comes around!  

Congrats 9.81 that was amazing work sweeping the field.  I would love to see how close the race would be between your #2 Caddy and our Aston!


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Diecast64 2/12/20

Well that was a bit of a surprise. I knew those cars were fast on a straight downhill, but hadn’t tested them on any curves.  I kept the center of gravity low and hoped for the best.

It was great racing with everyone and felt good to finally conquer Bootleg Run. 

As always, great production LOS!  Thanks for all the time, effort, and hard work. 

  • yeah you nailed it! You been nailing it lately in every race tho. Congrats and thanks in a way as the how-to guide on your site got me into modding and finally seeing results! Now I just need to figure out how to take it to the next level and find some repeatable gains. Only way to do that is keep at it! — Mattman213
  • My Pleasure I assure you — LeagueofSpeed
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WorpeX 2/23/20

Hey, just curious, have the supercars been returned yet?

All Bootleg Run- Super Cars entries will ship out today 2/28 and Saturday 2/29

...thanks for Racing 

Tablet has been through the war path!!!

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