Building Custom Tracks from Ground Zero. Another Fun Journey Begins.

setandiecast Wednesday, 11/24/2021

Hi folks, I want to share my work on building custom tracks using the similiar design with my old tracks Cipularang KM 90. I want to enhance some of the flaws of the old one such as my double tracks, drift tracks, fat track 90 turns. I decided to rename and change the themes but I'll name it later when its finished. The design will be similiar using 3 level, top level will be the doubletracks, Middle level will be the main action drift pad, and the bottom level will be the fat tracks.
For the top level, I created new double tracks using 2mm plywood and I added some banking setting. Here is how it looks:

I Haven't finished create the side wall for all of them but here's how it looks so far:

I need to tweak some of the banking for each curve and will test for more cars and upload it again.  Once all the curves and side wall finished, I will create the wall bracket and mount them on top. Then i will do the scenery finish on top then continue to work on the middle level for the main action. 

The reason I change my top level is because I want to have more curves but doesn't lower down the speed. Ive been wanting to have free flowing tracks to look more like a mountain road and I want to know whether the full scale plywood tracks with less connector will make it more smooth. Also banking on the curve is one thing I want to experiment also. 

Material Used:
2mm Plywood for double tracks main surface ( cut manually using knive cutter )
Corrugated Plastic for side wall and using black white stripe sticker ( vynil type )
5mm Plywood for the base of the doubletracks so the banking setting can be set up ( I Painted black )
So far those are the materials I used
For the wall bracket I will upgrade using aluminium bar which is very cheap and more sturdy. My old tracks using 2 x 4 wood but I did it wrong and it was wobbly. I want to experiment using different material and update you on that one. This will be a very fun journey and wish me luck. 

Btw this was my old tracks that I want to upgrade.

Setan Diecast


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H3zzard 11/25/21

Love to see organic tracks like this. Good luck in getting it refined and finished! 

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