Customizing and TuningChampion loop race car?

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I'm looking for the best loop race car for upcoming event. Recommended car? 

Just got..

- Pharadox.

- Rocketfire.

- Rigor motor. (Metal base)

- Soo Fast.

- Rd-03

on my side. Any suggestion?

You talking like loop-de-loop race? Or just roundy round loop race? I'm a fan of Pharadox.

Triple loop race. Yeah, i love Pharadox too but sometimes, Pharadox (Champion car) is not allowed to used. 

try Spectyte

i'm a fan oh pharodox too, but sometimes Spectyte beat Pharodox

see this video for example

The Chevrolater

Good call. Chevrolater is a beast...


Plastic top

Metal Base

Either Clear Plastic ( can have a color tint ) or Glow in the Dark wheels

L X L  ( front and back ) wheels are best.  However  L X XL wheels are good, too.

DO NOT use cars that wheels are over 2 sizes bigger, ex  S X XXL 

Voxxer Racing  

1. Water Slaughter (Battle Force 5)

2. Low Carb 

3. RD-08

4. Drift Tech

5. Spector

6. Govner

7. Buzz bomb

8. Draggin Tail

L X L  ( front and back ) wheels are best.  However  L X XL wheels are good, too.

What is the category of L X XL? Can you give wheels picture?
CCM would be an example of an L X L car. Pharodox is an L X XXL

If you really want to see some examples of proven 'loop cars', check out some of the "Markibal" races in Indonesia on YouTube. They've raced on some incredible multi-loop downhill courses. Lots of plastic-bodied track cars appear to be their favorites.

But my long-time personal favorite for loops & jumps has to be the Paddy Wagon...short wheelbase with it's axles mounted near each end of the chassis and fairly well-balanced. Even that later 'Vintage' series releases seem to perform well.

Fast Cash is also a good casting for racing a track with loop de loops.

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