Christmas Hot Wheel loot!!!

JDC442 Saturday, 12/25/2010

Here's what Santa brought me for Christmas
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
Merry Christmas and Happy Racing New Year!!


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redlinederby 12/27/10
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Woah! Good score! What's in that big round barrel thing? Is it full of cars!?

TRU was cleaned out of loose track and parts when I was there before lots of folks must be building derby tracks!

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JDC442 12/27/10

What's in that big round barrel thing? Is it full of cars!?

That would be cool, but actually it was filled with three kinds of popcorn -cheese, butter and caramel.

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Jobe 12/30/10

Sweet. I got my youngest a Jammers case and about 12 cars, plus he got more.
I got a cool book on the History of Hot Wheels, for the 40th anniversary a few years ago. It's interesting to read.

I was in Target before Christmas and they were out of loose cars that day, think they were on sale.
Also my local grocery store had them for 49cents so I picked up a few myself...


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redlinederby 1/1/11
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Ha, I got that 40 year book too! Got it at the half price book store. Good though because I really don't have that many toy car books at all. My shelf is filled with video game and music books.

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JDC442 1/8/11

I was given the 40 year Anniversary book for Christmas a couple years ago and it came with a collector car. Did yours have the car too?

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Jobe 1/9/11

NO car with mine, was in Half Price the other day selling some books and they had a lot of copies of the book.
Look around because I found two places they had it, with two different prices!

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