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Circuit Races, Good? Bad? Any feedback would be great

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I totally love the idea. I don't do much drag racing, I prefer open track, but I love realism, & circuit racing is obviously realistic, except for what you mentioned, no way to tune up the car through the circuit. I'm currently in the FDRL, my 1st circuit & the car was a rush job to fill an opening. No points (yet) but next year I hope to do much better. I will be hosting the final FDRL race this year. I hope more circuit races come up, & I am hoping I qualify at the NASCAR Truck circuit race. So yes, I love the idea!

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dr_dodge 8/22/23

Just to toss this out,  assume its 6 tracks on the circuit.
offer the option of a "team car change" at the halfway point

the car replaces the first one (if you want to send it directly to track 3)
one swap only, it would let people that sent in poor performing cars to "come from behind"

I am thinking about a similar thing, except only 1 track, and races every 2 weeks on the shop track.(the drag strip I've been recording)

Make a season of maybe 10 races.  mail in the cars (main and alt) then be able to call in a swap before the next race.  (exchange the alt car to replace the main one) and also allow an additional car to be sent in later to replace the alt.  That would be 20 + weeks total, with 2 weeks between races, plenty of time for a replacement.   

make it a lot more like real racing,
where the guys in the shop gotta bail out the team on the road after a crash or engine failure

Carry points thru the whole tourney like NHRA, maybe even divide cars into divisions based upon where they can from in real life.  So 5 canadians send cars, winner (points wise) is division champ
then run divisional champs against each other for the last (11th) race championship



It's a great idea. Shipping seems like a big deal: costs, damgage to cars... but it is what it is. What about sending half the cars to the last track and the others to the first to keep things moving along and not race 64 at once, but they will all race at each track. Just different times. I don't have fancy cameras yet, but I am making upgrades to my 2 lane track and I would like to be part of something like this at some point. 

  • interesting idea, odd number of tracks and all the cars "meet in the middle" showdown, and the 2 groups then move on to tracks they haven't raced on yet — dr_dodge
  • top points cars make up a 32 car field — dr_dodge

Me, over here seeing people think 64 cars is "a lot" 

This post was 2-3 years ago when I was trying new things to keep drag racing relevant. After 3 circuit tournaments I will tell you that the single biggest problem in drag racing tournaments becomes knowing 90% of the cars are out by the time you're halfway through the tournament. Some good ideas about backup cars but just know that brings cost and return shipping time to a whole other level. Biggest issue in fat track circuit tournaments is probably the damage a car takes over the course of 3-4-5 events. Even the best of builders would be hard pressed to have their car make it to the end even close to its original working condition. I believe I'm done organizing circuits after 3 events in 3 years but would love to enter one if someone wants to organize it. 

  • Well said. — Numbskull
  • numbskulls cars seem consistently, eternally they ever slow down? — dr_dodge
  • They seem to go slower when BlueLine is in the race, and I'm sure that's just because his cars are so fast. — Numbskull
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redlinederby 8/23/23
Site manager

Great to hear the follow-up from you on this, thanks BLR. It's nice to close the loop :)

I think creative scoring and achievements can make a big difference in these types of long events. Yeah, the math will show you who the ultimate winner is before you're half way through, but if there were other trophies to chase that might help keep engagement in better place. I don't have any thoughts off-hand but I think it would be a fun puzzle to solve.

  • Also thinking a way to reduce the math is just better booking but that becomes a challenge in and of itself, even with qualifiers and stuff... — redlinederby
  • if you ran stuff, as they came, first brackets were when it arrived, you could batch the cars out easier, — dr_dodge
  • hold the winners and send the elim losers first, builders have a chance to send a replacement for a bad car? lots to think on here for sure! — dr_dodge
  • could get wild — dr_dodge
  • You really have to dive in to hosting tournaments to know the effort that goes into it and the time and even money it costs to run. It’s a lot more work than most people imagine. It is what pushes people away from doing it after time unless they are monetized and making money from the content it gets very difficult to justify after time. — BlueLineRacing
  • I can see the work it is. I am running my first "internal event" with 10 cars at the house. Just keeping the lineup straight gets confusing, mis-scored 2xs, and one camera took a dump. Told my wife I would have been running around screamin' if I had 32 cars...from other people...all waiting for the vids lol — dr_dodge
  • legit, BLR, hosting any type of event is a massive time suck....that's why I've always taken the approach of "i'll post videos when I can" — IndianaDiecastRacing

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