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Coupe-A-Cabana: Viper Edition - FULL

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Coopdevil 12/5/22

Me please - Coop, Playworn Racing

If there's still room, please count me in!

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DeeJay 12/5/22

Can I get in on this action???

Hoping not full yet

Variat SkunWorks would like to through my hat into the ring.

Georgio would like to enter this race..... man it filled up faster than the Numbskull Tuscan!!

  • I got home from work at 6pm on the 4th and it was already full. Lol. — Numbskull
  • Just a testament to how much people look forward to racing at Monster Motorsports and the Pacific Rim Speedway. — Numbskull
  • Yup, this is the 2nd race there I have missed — G_ForceRacing

Damn, looked like I was 31 to post a comment?? Looks like I got bumped

  • It would be cool to see your team at the Final Fantasy Fracas, deadline 1-1-2023. — Numbskull
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Dretty 12/6/22

If possible, put me down as an alternate. I'm known for coming thru in the clutch when folk drop or no show. 

Dretty - Mini Mafia Motors 

I got my Viper for the race. Just wait 'til this bad boy hits the track:

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BlueLineRacing 12/29/22

Please remove me from the "alternate" list. Maybe it will help someone else get in. Thanks

We're in!

Just made an update to the rules since there was confusion. The orginal rules allowed NPA but not FTE. So to keep things simple...

NPA and FTE are now ALLOWED.

Shipping out tomorrow:

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