Duplicate entry in truck tournament

redlinederby Monday, 10/3/2011
Site manager

It's funny how these hiccups come all at once...sigh...

While seeding the truck tournament I discovered that the Dodge 1500 was entered twice some how. Variation Jason entered it first and then McJiggles entered it as well. I'm still trying to figure out how it happened, but since we can't have a car race itself, here's the compromise we'll have to go with.

Since Jason entered the Dodge first, his entry will be that car. As McJiggles was the second to enter the car, he'll forfeit entry of the Dodge and will be given the next highest rated truck in its place...and that truck is Cool One.

So that's that. My apologies for the trouble and confusion and I hope the solution is fair, I think so.

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