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Easy suspension for Hot Wheels

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Endcount 1/21/23

Something I just tried for the upcoming truck race at Gravity Throttle: after drilling and tapping the posts, I cut the spring from inside a retractable pen and slipped it over the posts and then when I screwed it togetjer, I only screwed it about halfway. So the chassis is a little loose, but can travel slightly up and down due the the springs. So instead of axels being suspended, it's basically the whole chassis moving slightly. It worked at home, interested to see how it works in the race.  

  • thats a good idea on the slot cars, if the body is loose the car handles better, and is generally faster — dr_dodge
  • This will be an interesting experiment to see how well it does. Good call on going back to the old tricks of slot car racing. — SpyDude
  • funny how whats old is new again — dr_dodge
  • I’ve never raced slot cars, but I’m glad to hear that what I did isn’t completely insane ! — Endcount

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