Easy suspension for Hot Wheels

Chaos_Canyon Tuesday, 6/30/2020

I just saw this and had to share it. this guy has made a super easy, working suspension and I was really impressed. In the side by side run on uneven ground it beats out the stock cars.


I'm going to try one to see if it helps cars handle the jump at the Canyon, or if it creates more bounce. If they can land a tounch softer, it could create less after jump rolls plus I think it looks cool and would look great in slo mo replays to see suspension working.


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redlinederby 6/30/20
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That's the Matchbox style and I've always liked it. I've been trying to figure out an efficient method to make something as well. This is certainly a neat way to duplicate the flexy metal using the tape measure. 

He actually compares his version against the matchbox one here - really interesting comparison. The difference over the judder bars is massive. Be very interesting to see, with more offroad an drally tracks popping up if cars with suspension do better or not. Also very keen to see on eon fat track to see if it changes how it races at all


  • Certainly food for thought! Though it can be, "different horses for different course". And plenty of testing! Cheers CC — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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Chrisw 7/18/20

This guy sharon is a very good modder/ builder. Great idealis . this guy use a piece of measuring tape to make easy suspension or he would use a special type of wire .

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SpyDude 12/2/20

Cool stuff! Has anyone tried running something like this on an open course? What were the results?

  • Sharon has a car in the Canyon Outlaws series currently. He's one of the original 8. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Yes, I have 3 of his cars at the canyon and I've built a couple of my own based on his technique. It definitely soaks up the bumps a lot better than stock but by allowing the axles to move it also introduces more body roll. They do pretty well over all and I think you could tweak it to perform even better on open track. Check out the Canyon Outlaws videos over at Chaos Canyon - Jumping Spider, Fast Fire, Fast n Furious are all Sharon's cars and Maverick (our 8 crate with the riveted panels all have suspension — Chaos_Canyon
  • Sweet! I love those cars! — SpyDude
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