Got any Teslas? They're suddenly very collectible

redlinederby Monday, 2/12/2018
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Last week the SpaceX people launched a real Tesla car into space on top of a giant rocket. It was really cool to see and if you haven't seen the video, do so. But in that real Tesla was the Hot Wheels Tesla on the dashboard and according to one report at Collect Space, the exposure has the 1:64 Tesla's selling really well in aftermarket...upwards of $100 in some cases. Nuts.

I don't have any stash of Teslas, shy of maybe a roadster or two. But I do remember when the first releases came out, they were pretty speedy. A good little car.


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GspeedR 2/16/18

It's pretty obvious that the spike in popularity is not because of HW collectors. Reason being, a $uper TH version was launched into space but it seems like every Red version of the car is selling like hotcakes. These cars are being bought up by space enthusiasts who obviously don't understand the difference between the two.

  • Good point. Eitherway, if you're looking to cash in, now's the time. — redlinederby
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