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Gravitywerx Raingutter Grande Event

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Gravitywerx 7/17/10

Raingutter Final standings and Thoughts:
1. R/C Buick, 36 of available 50 finish points and 3 of 5 bonus points
2. R/C Pontiac, -1
3. HW Lambourgini, -3
4. MB Firebird, -7
5. HW Mercedes, -7
6. R/C Buick, -8
7. HW Solaire, -9
8. HW Ferrari, -9
9. HW Ford, -10
10. HW Monte Carlo, -11
The winning R/C Buick was not considered a real contender by me until it was over. It finished last in Round 2, not because of a crash, but because it could not move up. It got 6th in Round 3 and looked like it was headed for the B race with another weak performance. But then it wins 2 straight A races. Try to get a turnaround like that in any other kind of die-cast (or real) racing. There is no " Alpha" car in Gravitywerx. I could run the whole thing again and get similar but not the same result.
For my next series I plan to run an "Old vs. New" 5-rounder pitting the top 5 Raingutter cars against some new ones I have bought recently.

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JDC442 7/17/10

Sounds like you had fun George! The five old vs five new sounds cool

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Gravitywerx 7/17/10

The new cars are noticeably faster, but crash more. There's a bump at the end of the backstretch that sends some faster cars airborne into the turn 2 wall. It can't easily be fixed. I'm considering spraying some rubberized coating before the bump to possibly slow the cars down, but I don't want a dead spot. Also some cars are jumping the 3 inch catch fence in turn 3. Turn 3 is not as banked as 1 and 2 and cars tend to climb the wall. Gravitywerx International is not a friendly track to really fast cars. I might do some minor tweaking. I wish I had made the height adjustable. I might cut the supports and clamp or bolt them a little shorter. George

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