Tournaments and RacingHas there ever been a Formula 1 race.

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Just wondering...the Thomas family aka Sweet T Racing is going to trade me two F1 for 2 Hot Rods...they got a little confused at the flea market on Sunday :), so has there ever been a strictly F1 race?

I am working on an open wheel diecast race.  Probably won't be up until after my NASCAR season is over.

I don't think there's been an F1 casting mail-in least not exclusively to that type. I've had a NASCAR theme on my list for a while. I don't know the depth of F1 castings at 1:64 but if there's enough on the pegs (regardless of brand) then it would be great to see one. Would be a challenge for sure.

What's available in stores currently is a big determining factor for most races. Yeah, some of us have an inventory of cars to pull from but many do not, and those are ones we don't want to make sure have a fair chance to enter and have fun. If you make things too specific then fewer can enter even if they want to.

I agree, it would be a cool race to run, video and watch. Like I said Sweet T Racing made a mistake and out of that mistake the light bulb came on...."Hey, that would be a cool theme for a future race!" Something to ponder for sure.

The trade is in...I had to take the HW 500 out and run it the black and 5Dot wheels

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