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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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What's better than a Friday? Faster Than Ever Friday!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

It's a nice toasty-34 C(-29F) here in Calgary this morning... but the racing is good and hot on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube Channel!

Have a great day everyone... stay warm..stay safe!

It's another chilly day in Calgary today..-40C with the windchill.... even colder than yesterday.... What happened to global warming? Oh well, we have something to warm us up... racing on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube Channel! Oh yeah... feeling warmer already!

I'm back to working full hours which is a good thing, but it also cuts back on my time to get other things done... like posting the races for you good people! Sorry about missing yesterday, but that means it's Two For Thursday for you!

Wednesdays Race

Thursday's Race

A few surprises in today's Hot Wheels Calgary Daily Race including some info about some changes coming to the races starting next week! Have a great day and weekend everyone! Stay safe and warm!

It's a long weekend in Alberta and in the states, so I hear, so I and many others got to sleep in! Whoohoo!

Another exciting thing today is the new revision to Birdco Dragway... it's now 2 lanes of racing! So far people seem to like it.... how about you? Go have a look at today's race and leave a comment! But just a heads up, more changes are planned for the future of Birdco Dragway.. so don't get too comfortable with this setup... but I do hope you'll enjoy it!

It's the first Two For Tuesday on the two lane Birdco Dragway! WHOOHOO!

It was a great weekend followed by a busy Monday... so you know what that means? Yep it's Two For Tuesday not just in the points run but also for you!

Mondays race

Tuesdays race

Between work, life and the surprise of a damaged windshield yesterday, life was so crazy that I didn't get around to sharing the daily race with you good people! I'm sorry! Just a little heads up.... coming March 8th to Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube Channel, "The times be a changing ".... I'll just leave it at that and give you yesterday's and today's races! Have a great day everyone!

Yesterday's race

Today's race

It's Friday! WHOOHOO! Have a great weekend everyone! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the February Final tomorrow on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube Channel!

I know it's late but it's never too late for some good diecast racing! So for your viewing pleasure, I give you the February Final on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube Channel!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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