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Hot Wheels Shoebox Street Race

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EnZedRacing 7/2/21

I would love to send a car for this but it takes 2-3 weeks just to get across the water. And you're on the furthest side of USA from us as well...

I will be watching and supporting a couple of blokes in this tournament. Looks like a bloody good time for all!!

  • You can always try and if it doesn’t make it I will do a video and run it anyway. It’s up to you Mike. Thanks for the support my friend — BlueLineRacing
  • Man, make it and send it. You still got time. — SpyDude
  • Postage, it's crazy Mike! From all my experience, I have to allow 4 weeks to send to the US. I don't know what happened, I sent my Shoebox on the 12th, and it arrived in 7 days! I'm off to buy a lottery ticket. But in one way the inconsistancy is annoying...I would have put much more in the box if I could have waited to post. Cheers mate. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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VoxxerRacing 7/20/21

Voxxer Racing Shoe Box ..... finished !!!

Uncle Joes Speedway, we had a cancellation and your number is up. If you want the spot please let me know ASAP.

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RLoRacing 8/2/21

I've been procrastinating but I got mine out today. Should be there soon since it doesn't have far to travel 

  • Rooting for you brother. I can see your testing different things in your builds. It will come — BlueLineRacing
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DXPRacing 8/5/21

Sent out today.  Should get there in time

Very last day for the Shoebox is 8/14. Get them in the mail Monday. We race on time everytime. Got too much to do after this one is over. I currently have 21 cars ready to go.

Are you ready?

We go green 8-17

Good Luck

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Mattman213 8/8/21

Ready to go and in the mail today.  Good luck everyone!


  • I picked the same color Shoebox for my build. But it'll be easy to tell the difference since yours will be going faster...Lol. — GhostDriver
  • HAAAAAA No way man, the only way to find up is to line em up! I normally try to do more in the paint dept but ran outta time. Im not complaining tho its not terrible looking — Mattman213
  • I like em wheels boy! — BiffKirbyCommotionDiecast
  • We'll see if they do work! — Mattman213
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Mayfield41 8/9/21

I just got back home from vacation and went to finish my build and realized its due tomorrow.  I will not make the deadline. I had it written down on my calander it was due the 16th. Sorry for any inconvenience, I will look more closely to deadlines..good luck all and some great looking builds

  • Oops. :p — SpyDude
  • Don’t worry, there will be plenty of other races. — SpyDude

Made a final pickup at the PO today.

Just received 
Red Pill Racing

MDG and Uncle Joes Speedway. 
30 cars total. If you sent out late let me know and if it gets here by tomorrow I can squeeze it in but tomorrow is the final day to make the race. 

Uncle Buster, Rust Belt and Nero62 only teams unaccounted for. 

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