Hot Wheels Track Stars Batmobile

markkaz Thursday, 11/18/2010

You can tell that it is a track car by the logo on the base.
Video information here:


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SpocketFTE 11/19/10

Does that mean it is good for drag racing or for jumps and curves? Thanks

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Jobe 11/19/10

Metal bottom cars usually do pretty well on the drag track, but more so nowadays it seems if it has a metal bottom it has a plastic top. I need to go hit walmart this weekend to look for it!

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iowastockcars 11/19/10

I grabbed one a while back and it is an above average car. It can win lots or races but can't come close to my faster cars.

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redlinederby 11/20/10
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This Batmobile is in my collection too and will be added to the Fantasy League in a couple weeks along with bunch of other new cars.

This Batmobile looks pretty fast to me. I haven't raced it yet so I don't know for sure but Jobe is right, the metal-bottom cars seem to do better even though their tops are usually plastic.

The Batmobile is basically a box on wheels like the Triupmh, so it might be a solid winner.

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Jobe 11/23/10

Found myself a Batmobile on Sunday, hope to test it out soon.

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