Is your track available in 2021?

redlinederby Thursday, 10/29/2020
Site manager

A new year is right around the corner and I'm asking to see if you have a track that is open for business in 2021. I don't know yet which RLD series or events will be happening next year but it's always more fun when we travel to tracks around the country...your tracks!

To help plan, I'd like to know which club tracks are available and comfortable hosting mail-in races.

I don't have any specific dates or details yet but just knowing that you're interested in being part of an event will let me know I can at least message you and see what your availability is.

We'll maybe do another summer series and maybe one in the spring too...dunno yet...just thinking out loud but I'd like to get one or two series on the books soon. I also plan on putting together an outline for the events so everyone know's what to expect if the are hosting.

If you have a track and are interested in being part of a series event next year, please fill out this Google form and leave a comment.

Tracks can be any road, drag strip, etc...doesn't matter. The more variation the better for any given series.

(And if your track is listed in the Track Directory, that'll be extra helpful to boot.)

As always, I appreciate your support and willingness to help with future racing here at Redline Derby. Together we'll make 2021 another great year for diecast racing.

If you're new(ish) to hosting a mail-in race, read through this guide so you have an idea of what to expect.


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Kit_Kayem 10/29/20

Psychedelic Speedway will have our "Marauder's Way" drag strip up by March 1st at the latest.  And we'll be able to host.  There won't be pics until January, though.  All of our stuff before then is exclusively on our road course.  So, we'd love to host an RLDRL race in the 2nd quarter of 2021, or any time thereafter.

  • We'd be good for being part of the summer series, for sure. — Kit_Kayem
  • Tracks don't have to be drag strips...whatever style is fine, more variation the better — redlinederby
  • Cool. The Box Canyon Loop is available at any time. Maurader's Way will be done by March 1st (as I mentioned). I don't know when Chicanery Lane will be done, but it will be something completely different. All of our tracks, when done will be available. — Kit_Kayem
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Peter_Bee 10/29/20

I'm upgrading my current track to a 2-Lane drag track with a timing system, perfect for RLDL or similar events. It should be ready before the end of 2020.

I would love the opportunity to host an RLD event on my track. I will be shooting a tournament video with some of my own cars so I can test out everything to insure it meets RLD standards.

Take care, and see ya st the races!

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BlueLineRacing 10/29/20

My track is available most months in 2021. I'm doing a series of my own races in March, June Aug and Oct so I'd like to avoid those months.

  • Cool. Good to know which months you'll be busy, thanks. — redlinederby
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SavageSpeeder 10/30/20

my track is in the works. IF i can get my 3dprinter working it'll be july when its ready mostly due to weather.

  • Sounds like things are coming along. When you're happy with things, we'll add your name to the list — redlinederby

I've already started building out my schedule of events, but I love running mail-ins.

The Tricky Triangle is up and running, though if you're looking for fancy dioramas, that'll come along slowly.

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Kaiju_Colorado 10/30/20

Looks like the Pacific Rim Speedway needs to be finished by 1 January! lol

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redlinederby 10/30/20
Site manager

I should have made this to start...and even if you've already commented above, please submit the Google form linked below and check off the months you expect to be open for hosting. 

Fill out and submit the Google form for track availability

This should help me stay a little more organized and get things planned out quicker. I know most of you have already planned out your 2021 for racing, but I appreciate your support and interest in being a part of mail-in events.

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Gunslinger 10/30/20

Crystal Canyon road track and Shotgun Alley drag strip will be available after January 3rd.

I just posted Mustang Madness as an upcoming event and need 30 drivers to sign up. More to follow soon.

As a caveat... I'm in Japan (with a USPS mailing address) so mail ins are possible.

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Mattman213 10/30/20

My track is not worthy but IF it becomes so after ironing out a few things ill happily help out!!!  I have some race themes in mind already but again, I would be doing a great disservice hosting compared to most of the tracks available plus my ability to film would be very crude and...boring.  Ill see what I can do with the track itself and then go from there tho!!!

So many awesome tracks popping up.  Looking forward to being able to compete on some of them here soon!


  • Don't let video stop you...we can't all be Hollywood — redlinederby
  • You can't be any worse than me — NDeavers80
  • Oh no please don't dare me to prove it LOL. Ill get there tho, if the track gets smoothed out the filming will come along in time — Mattman213
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