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JDM Mania

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Uncle_Elvis 5/4/22


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Endcount 5/4/22

I'd like to get in this race. 


Is the Evo banned?

My son, Colin wants to claim our household spot for this one.

Rocket Doopy Racing

Driver - Doopy

ok, JDM? Japanese made? 

I'm in like flynn......... Two cars!

  • Any cars made for the Japanese domestic market is a JDM. — Douglas
  • Thank you! — G_ForceRacing
  • only one car now, correct? And are Evo's allowed?? :) — G_ForceRacing
  • One car yes and Evos are allowed. — Douglas
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Foursix 5/7/22

I'm in

Is there still prizes for third to first? And for "Best of show"?

  • Yes except for you!! Lol just kidding. — Douglas
  • Hahaha, nah, others just have to step up their looks if they want me to stop winning that 25$ :D — Underdogs_Unleashed
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Bolo_Brown 5/7/22

You know I am in there

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WesCoasin 5/7/22

Wes Coasin coming through

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revhobbies 5/8/22

I'll take a spot if still available!

If there is still a spot would like to slip in a Bent Racer

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