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Lightweight Championships **FULL**

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Lily the Dog will send in one for each weight class

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WesCoasin 5/7/22

Wes Coasin 

2 for each

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Bolo_Brown 5/7/22

I would like to send 2 one for each class 

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DTaylor44 5/12/22

Good morning Brandon is there anyway BFG racing could get in or are we too late

  • Sure, no problem. — ScaleRacingChannel
  • Sweet thank you so much hopefully will have a good showing — DTaylor44
  • Man I am so chomping at the bit for this race to start don’t know if I have anything good or not but in a couple weeks we should find out — DTaylor44
  • Dennis, I am just now opening boxes and cataloguing entrants. THANK YOU so much for the extra cars! I still have not found the two DG exclusives you sent in. Very generous of you! — ScaleRacingChannel
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BiffsPlace 5/13/22

I want in if possible not sure how I missed it

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GoldenOwl 5/13/22

Not sure how I managed to miss this but you can count me in if anything opens up.

If you agree, Brandon, I´d like to RAOK one of my 2 featherweight slots to Biff who has helped me a lot in the last weeks. I´d love to see him take part.

Did I miss this race? Is it full? 

I'll have 2 in each class. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do against some of the elite contenders. 

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CrazyEights 6/3/22

I see what everyone's saying. 75% of the cars I paid more than $1 for have at least one loose axle. Glad I don't stock race often. I can't only laugh at this point.

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AJ_Grey 6/22/22

Is it to late to join?

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CrazyEights 6/28/22

Here she is. Bay! Bay!

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