List of retail finish lines and starting gates

redlinederby Tuesday, 5/8/2018
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Lets start a "definitive" list of available retail finish lines and starting gates. We've talked a lot about and referenced many of them throughout the years but never put together a solid list.

Add links to ones you know of or find that aren't already in the lists. And lets keep this limited to retail products, playsets and kits...for people looking to buy, install, and be done.

Finish lines

Starting gates

If you're looking for 3DBotMaker track accessories, please note that they have ceased production on finish lines and starting gates. Read the announcement.



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Chaos_Canyon 5/14/20

How about this one? How many have used this one?

  • I've seen that in a view videos and photos but never had a link to it - thanks for finding and sharing. — redlinederby
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Kevblokey 5/15/20

It's worth mentioning that 3D is taking a hiatus from producing his track accessories at present, I hope this is just temporary as his products are excellent for our hobby.


  • 3DBM does offer some of his track parts to self-print if you have a 3D printer, or you can often have a service print them too. But gates and finish lines will be unavailable for a while. — redlinederby

Anyone tried the race starter from this set?

Selling for $10 at Walmart

  • I have one like that but don't use it for my racing since I'm not sure you'd want a boost heading downhill. But for giving your cars a little push on a flat surface, it works okay. — redlinederby
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Leroy1 12/21/20

Our track .Wally Parks Race way , Home of the Pa Pa Nationals . We use New Directions Judge for our Finnish gate . AWESOME.!!!!!!!

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