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When: Sunday, June 12, 2016

Okay get ready to start building your Pro stocks and Pro Mods for Sunday June 12th! 65 grams max  4.5 inches long 2 inches high max, fit on standard hot wheels orange track  2 cars per entrant limit  Any wheels allowed   Approved castings - 41 willys  1998 pro stock chevy s10 10 pro stock Camaro  13 Ford Mustang GT  Nitro doorslammer  Metrorail  Pro stock Firebird  Jaded (Henry J ) 63 corvette  Custom Chevy Luv Johnny Lightning pro stock 66 Chevelle and 69 Camaro,   Other castings must be approved at least 3 weeks prior to the race.  All rivets must be drilled,  no stock entries  Dry lubes only  Medal for first place winner only.  Single elimination brackets with no re-running of races, only ties are re-run.   (Need the track specs and photo)  Address for mail ins is 7 Vista Drive Lincoln RI 02865 attn Jeremy Morin

I'm in! 

Just an observation, with the rule stating other castings may be approved it looks like we should wait to see what the other possibilities are before building a car(s).

Hi All:

First, a typo was made.... it should be " 3 weeks " before race.

Second, Ron and I made this rule " Other castings must be approved at least 3 weeks prior to the race." incase we missed any cars that would fit into the PS/PM theme.  We wanted to make it so that no one, would not race a car, because it was not allowed.  Being our " first " race, since the race committee was formed, I am sure we will have a learning curve.   

Thanks for your understanding !!

Jon and Ron 

Hey Guys,

Good luck with the Mod races...I hope they keep going well!

I do have one question...why 4.5"? I mean, if you are going to the trouble of limiting the castings that can be used, are you saying that it is okay to alter the length of the casting? Or, could you run a super long chassis? Either way, a 4.5" '41 Willys is going to look pretty goofy...and it's not going to look like a Pro Mod/Pro Stock.

I'll probably just build an S10, myself, but I was just curious about the rule.


The " spirit " of the 4.5 inch length, was to cover all, but not limited to Muscle Machines, with wheelie bars.  

To clarify the rule:  all ps/ pm cars must not exceed a length of 4.5 inches with wheelie bars extended.    All cars must use stock chassis.    No stretching of chassis is allowed.   Wheelie bars are not required.  Example is Nitro Door Slammer - wheelie bar maybe removed, extended or kept in place under car.   

Thanks for the clarification :)

How about the Shelby GT350R?

Tracksurgeon can you post a picture of the car you want to put in this race. 

Here's my recommendations:

2011 Custom Camaro:

76 Greenwood Corvette:


Maybe we'll see some of the new electronic injection cars with no hoodscoops ;)

Tracksurgeon sorry those 3 wouldn't qualify.

Is this the 63 Corvette allowed for this race?

Here's a pic of a Pro Stock car for reference. Pro Mod cars are fairly similar.

Thank you Econocarl for posting!

Tracksurgeon not that one. That vette can definitely run in our 1/4 Mile Monsters Modified Race or our GM Modified Race which is in July. Google Hot Wheels Pro Stock or Pro Mod cars.

From Jeremy @ LJLRC

What is the name of the blue one on the front corner?

Thank you Chris! Here are Some of the cars that will be allowed.

more from LJLRC

One of my works in progress!

Make sure to get your Pro Stock and Pro Mods done and mailed out soon.

Is the Scorch Torch allowed for this race?

Tracksurgeon can you post a picture of it.

Tracksurgeon sorry unfortunately that would not classify as either a Pro Stock or Pro Mod car.

Who is racing in our Pro Stock/Pro Mod Shootout? Time is running out and I just wanted to have an idea how many cars we are looking at. Thank you! 

You know I am!!!
no offense but pro stocks aren't my bag...
I am. My Nitro Doorslammer will be mailed out this Monday.
I am. My Nitro Doorslammer will be mailed out this Monday.

Cars came in from Voxxer Racing, Track surgeon, and Ron Fletcher. 

Nothing coming from me for this one

Congratulations to Jon Soffa from Colorado for taking first and second place today. Please visit us at LJLRC Modified Racing on Facebook for video. 

Congrats Voxxer!!!!

Cars went out today in the mail. Voxxer Racing and Tracksurgeon. 

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