Buy, Sell, TradeLooking For Black Sizzler Fat Track...Not Anymore-Score!!!!

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I need four(4) pieces of 24" x 5" Fat Track for Damnation 8', willing to Buy or Trade some Vintage Redline Orange Track Curves (single lane).

Availability of Fat Track isn't the issue, I'd be willing to lend 4 pieces. The problem would be the 3-4 Fat Track connectors that you'll need to put them together. I simply don't own enough of them and they're often worth their weight in gold on ePay. You can't really use single lane connectors because the track will buckle and not lay flat.

But my offer to allow you to borrow the track stands...just find 3-4 connectors and you're in business.

Thanks for the offer, but I need to get some permanently...I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and pay the price.

End an auction at 12:42 on a Thursday afternoon at your own risk....$28.50 including shipping...yes please and twice on Sundays!!!!

12' of Fat Track

....with connectors as well and the "bottleneck" finish line I need for Damnation Alley....loving this deal.

Vintage Sizzler Track at that...

Nice! I knew you'd find something.

I'd imagine there is some buyers remorse around ebay nation moving I've been watching several fat track auctions and they have gone for some stupid money...imo, so compared to other auctions I got a steal for sure.

I've been in the same boat waiting for an X-V Racers track set(basically, narrower Fat Track) to come up @ an affordable price. They're usually asking for crazy $$ for used, incomplete sets.

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