Buy, Sell, TradeLooking for Fast, Stock '55-'56-'57 Chevies

The LJLRC's July Feature Race is (in light of the below comment's correction) '55-'56-'57 Chevies; I don't have very many fast ones, so I was wondering if anyone on here had any fast stock ones they'd be willing to part with. Please let me know if you do! (And of course, if you don't want to part with them, feel free to mail them in and race them yourself!) I'd be happy with any brand as long as it's unmodded and--if loose--somehow determinably quick. Thanks!

Also, it has to be a car. I just remembered that. Nomads and pickup trucks don't qualify.

Just to correct FOTF it's a Tri Five Feature Race 55, 56, and 57 Chevy's. 

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