Majorette Nissan Cefiro A31

RallycrossGT Friday, 10/1/2021

For some reason, Majorette are easier to find near where I live (suburbs of Tokyo)... but I also realised the castings have quite a lot of space for adding weights without ruining the interior too much.

I got this Cefiro A31 and pretty much modded the while thing.

- weight went up from 31g to 66g

- axles replaced and widened from 29mm to 31mm

- hand-made spoiler added for looks (and aero?!)

This is one of my first racing mods but I don't have a track to test it but I wonder if I'm in the right direction. Hoping to at least be the nicest looking car in the track, if I can't win the race :D

Few pictures from the weights for reference :)


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Chaos_Canyon 10/1/21

Nice. Haven't seen that Cefiro casting down in NZ yet, but I do have a few Majorette cars already.

  • I thought these were rare but I see them a lot here. I can send a few stock your way, if you like — RallycrossGT
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SpyDude 10/4/21

Sweet ride.  You managed to pile in quite a bit of weight there.  Nutz for the win!


  • Yeah. I managed to add lots of weight to the rear but not the front. That said, those bolts must have added about 3 to 4 grams in total. Not enough to counter balance to 50/50 but still decent — RallycrossGT
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