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Mako Racings Highway 35/Acceloracers challenge

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I am in, I will be doing a nomad.

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Kingshark 7/6/23

Currently the ones I am torn between myself ????

  • Pontiac Rageous wave rippers for me — Kingshark
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SpyDude 7/6/23

Please note:

In no way, shape, or form will the Wild Thing car (fifth row, second from the right) ever make it down a normal track unless it's on a flatbed or something. The wheels are barely made to roll, let alone roll fast, as the axle and wheel are one plastic piece. Unless you plan on doing some major reworking and carving on this thing to get it to roll halfway decent, it's a shelf queen.

  • Definitely — Kingshark
  • Sadly I believe the Red Baron isn’t much better. It’s very small with little to no space for weight — Kingshark
  • @KingShark: Trust me, the Red Baron at least rolls. The Wild Thing doesn’t. Look one of them up. The wheels are simply plastic discs with nubs on either side for axles. You can’t true up the wheels to make them more round, and the axle stubs on either side don’t even allow the wheels to spin. Basically the car is doing a belly skid down down the track. The Red Baron at least has piano-wire axles and decent redline wheels, so it will scoot along okay. — SpyDude
  • I know what you mean it’s a very poor design — Kingshark
  • I have one of these in my pile to do... challenge accepted! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • @Fred: Challenge accepted. I have one of them, too, and I've been thinking about making it a roller. Some of the thin-wheel designs like The Nash and the Solar Racer look like good options for wheels, as does that sled racer. — SpyDude
  • cool... have at it! I'll post mine up when complete — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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Kingjester 7/15/23

Well I guess luck was in my side as I found an old backdraft in my basement, kingjester will be on team wave rippers

I've got a few...throw me in coach...I'll join the red/black/white team...will have to see what's what...

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Crazy_Canuck 9/11/23

Just finished painting up a Power Pipes and a Muscle Tone...should be able to ship out this coming soon

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Crazy_Canuck 9/13/23

Heading your way

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Numbskull 10/9/23

On the way.

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Uncle_Elvis 11/8/23

Did this race happen?

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Kingshark 11/9/23

Not yet I only had six cars show up so race is pushed back until further notice 

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Uncle_Elvis 11/14/23

Refund my entry fee then please. Feel free to keep the car and do whatever you want to with it but if the race is not going to be run as advertised then there is no reason to keep the money for a winner's pot

  • The race is still happening. As I have posted on here the race is just postponed. I have had multiple people send cars since I initially had to move race back, but I didn’t want to cancel the race as we had a generous donor send $30 for the pot and had not gotten a car sent in. I was just trying to get all the people who said they wanted to send cars in the opportunity to do so. If you would still like your entry fee back that is fine as well — Kingshark
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Uncle_Elvis 1/27/24

This event happen?

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