Max Traxxx Dual Lane Lap Counter

SinisterGrackle Sunday, 6/30/2019

I’m in the process of building my first, rudimentary, track and am running in to what is apparently an age old problem, the finish.

I have loaded up on several 3DBotMaker accessories (Ridiculously well made and packaged starting gate, lane connectors, etc.) but unfortunately, finish gates and timers are no longer available.

I have a couple of Hot Wheels, single lane, finish flags, but those really won’t tell you the winner. While rummaging around on the site, I discovered the Max Traxxx “electronic” finish line. I’m about to pull the trigger on one of these, but am hesitating after seeing a few drawbacks here and there. Then I saw the Max Traxxx electronic lap counter.

Has anyone successfully converted the electronic lap counter into a true, electronic finish line? 


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redlinederby 7/8/19
Site manager

Is this the lap timer you're talking about?

First time I've seen it, although I have a few of the Max Traxxx flipper finish lines and while they're not 3DMB quality, they serve the purpose well and can probably also be modified to be more featured.

But even then, looking at the lap counter, I'm not sure how'd you modify that into a simple "first finish" type of finish line. Granted, my electronics ability is practically none so maybe you have insight and can figure that out. If only it had a timer in it too...

If you dig into this more, please share your results as I'm sure many others, myself included, would like to see finish line alternatives. We all know the 3D BotMaker accessories are top shelf but supply is always limited so finding more readily available options is always good.

  • I am going to purchase the "Flipper Finish", but I may purchase the lap counter as well and test out my long dormant, soldering skills. I'll certainly post the build if/when it is successful! — SinisterGrackle
  • Sounds great. I have an extra flipper finish line if you have trouble finding them elsewhere. I bought a couple when I discovered them years ago. — redlinederby
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