Modified Diecast JDM Tournament

Friday, January 19th, 2024
Hosted by Vittoria Diecast Motorsport
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Vittoria_Diecast_Motorsport Friday, 11/17/2023

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Modified Diecast JDM Tournament

Car Type:  JDM's from any decade


Track: The Joshua

Tournament Size:  32 cars

Racing Begins: January 19, 2024

Last Day to Receive Entry in the Mail:  January 12, 2024


  • Pink slip style/Winner take all
  • Winner will receive their car back along with the other 31 losing cars!
  • Bracket seeding determined by Time Trial (single lap down The Joshua)
  • Standard racing format that we do on our channel except finals will be 8 races rather than 4

Race Slips:

Please include with your entry:

Mailing Address:  Host will provide upon registration

Rules and Restrictions:

  • 1/64 scale modified diecast cars only
  • HotWheels or Matchbox models only
  • JDM’s only from any decade
  • One entry per person per household
  • 50 gram weight limit
  • All weight must be housed within the body
  • No foul language in team name, driver name or on the car.  Keep it clean!
  • Width:  Cars MUST fit inside Hot Wheels standard orange single track without rubbing on sides.  Avoid ultra wide axles!
  • Length:  3.25 inches max
  • Height:  2 inches max
  • Chassis must match the vehicle.  No fender/wheel well modifications
  • HotWheels plastic wheels ONLY.  No rubber wheels or Matchbox plastic wheels
  • FTE/NPA is allowed
  • Lube is allowed.  Dry lube only
  • No tape use or sharpies
  • Blacked out windows are okay
  • Cars that fall apart will not be repaired/reassembled.  They will be disqualified
  • Cars will not be shipped back in this tournament!  Only the winner will receive their car back (along with the 31 losing cars)
  • We will cover the cost of shipping to the winner

Failure to adhere to any ONE of the Rules and Restrictions listed may result in disqualification without your entry being returned

Sign Up HERE:


Contact us @

Our Channel: 

Good Luck and we look forward to hosting our very first mail-in tournament with you all!!!

-Jay + Kay



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Spirit_Of_64 11/17/23

Spirit Of '64 would love to be a part of your very first mail-in! Online form sent!

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Kingjester 11/17/23

Kingjester here I would love to participate, already signed the form and will find a good jdm car to mod and send in

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Bolo_Brown 11/17/23

I would like to join if it's not too late I also filled out the form two

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Marco_Polo 11/17/23


Polo Racing will like to participate on this one!!!

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Sam_Haul 11/18/23

Sign me up, please!

We are in please ! Form all done. 

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RLoRacing 11/18/23

I'm in

We wants in please ????

I would love to participate!

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Papa_Pugsley 11/18/23

I signed up through the link right after the race last night but wanted to put it here as well. Papa Pugsley would like in.

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Numbskull 11/18/23

Count me in please.  I also signed-up on your link.

Cheers, Numbskull

Signed up in the link

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