Multiple tracks in one location

Dj2112yyz Tuesday, 9/7/2021

I like the idea of multiple tracks in one location like  Chaos Canyon and beaver works . I have a spot in the basement cleared out . And I started building my  Diecast motorsports park on top of   Some old kitchen cabinets I had lying around. So far I have a drift pad around the outside. And a downhill off road course. Eventually I'm going to add a fat track .


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redlinederby 9/7/21
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That's a great setup for that limited real estate. Limited space is what gets me all the time. I see a lot of cool setups and layouts and start to daydream only to realize I just don't have the space - boo! 

You could probably work you way up that wall to get more turns in that outer track.

Nice work. That start gate for the offroad track reminds me of the original start gate for the Canyon.

It's always hard with limited space, but it should never stop you building something fun, that's how I started :)

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